Achievement Week (District Level Awards) 2020

On May 16, 2020, Brothers from Tau Tau Chapter held the 75th 12th District Meeting”. This event took via the Zoom Platform. Brother Ed Young was the District Marshall.

The following chapters and brothers were in receipt of awards:

Congratulations to our Achievement Week Awardees, as chaired by Marc Sutton

  1. Citizen of the Year: Janelle Woods, Phi Iota
  2. Under Graduate Advisor: Louis Cortez, Lambda Chapter
  3. Superior Service: Lawton Connelly, Phi Iota
  4. Founders’ Lifetime Achievement Award: Andrew Davis, Phi Iota
  5. Col Charles Young: Antwan Bowman, Delta Alpha Alpha
  6. Under Graduate Omega Man of the Year: Errol Frances, II, Phi Lambda
  7. Graduate Omega Man of the Year: Grand Carl Blunt, Phi Iota


Congratulations to our Social Action Awardees, as chaired by Keith Barnes

  1. Reclamation Chapter (Large): Phi Iota
  2. Reclamation Chapter (Small): Pi Rho
  3. 12th District Representative Net Growth Award: Phi Iota
  4. Retention Chapter (Small): Pi Rho
  5. Retention Chapter (Large): Tau Tau
  6. Under Graduate  Chapter of the Year: Phi Lambda
  7. Graduate  Chapter of the Year (Large): Zeta Rho
  8. Graduate Chapter of the Year (Small): Phi Beta Beta


Congratulations to our Scholarship Awardees, as chaired by Charles White

  1. Under Graduate: William Campbell, $3000, Alpha Rho
  2. Graduate: Marcus Delgado, $1000, Phi Iota
  3. Graduate: Jervaughn Hunter, $1000, Phi Iota
  4. Graduate: Theron Smith, $3000, Mu Alpha Alpha