Black History Month Celebration at MLK February 2018


Brothers (left-to-right) Francois Dominick, James Henderson, Paul Hodson, James Lafourche, Rodney Brooks, Jeff Shields, John Pratt, and Michael Bonner.

On February 24, 2018, Brothers from Tau Tau Chapter celebrated Black History month. This event was coordinated by Brothers James Lafourche, Keith Parker, Terrell Taylor, Shedrick Collins, Saeed Galloway, and Darrick Rice. The venue was secured by Brother Jeff Shields.

There were 35 participants in attendance. The attendees were introduced to a study of African American history through the experiences of some of its greatest historical figures and memorable events. In addition, attendees were entertained with Poetry provided by Angelena Aguilera (Poetic Moment), and Voices from the Past provided by performer Toni Malone.

The following photographs feature brothers in attendance and participants from neighboring communities (click on link below for more information).…lk-february-2018/ ‎