Park Windsor Baptist Church – Back to School Celebration August 2018

(Left-to-right – Brothers Brendon Scott, Rev. Terrell Taylor, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and James Henderson)

On August 18, 2018, Brother Rev. Terrell Taylor and Park Windsor Baptist Church hosts Congresswoman Maxine Water’s “Backpack Giveaway” for the West Athens Community. This event was held at “Park Windsor Baptist”, located at 1842 W. 108th St., Los Angeles, Ca 90047, and coordinated by Brother Rev. and Pastor Terrell Taylor.

During this event students enjoyed free food, had fun and listened to music.

The Brothers of Tau Tau Chapter are committed to continuing to support the youth in our neighborhoods and surrounding communities. Hence our motto, “lifting as we climb”.

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Summer Potluck August 2018


On August 11, 2018, Brothers from Tau Tau Chapter held the annual Summer Potluck at the home of Brother Kary and Soror ShaQuanna Pounders in Los Angeles.

We give thanks to all the Brothers, wives, friends, and family in attendance and those who were brought dishes, beverages and desserts to the event.

A in attendance enjoyed the fellowship, and we look forward to next years’ event.

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