Junior Achievement Finance Park May 2019

On May 11, 2019, the Junior Achievement event was held at JA Finance Park, located at 6250 Forest Lawn Dr. Los Angeles, Ca 90068.

During this event students were given the opportunity to experience “what it is like to be an adult”. The students were taught the following: 1) how to develop and follow a monthly budget; 2) how to understand the “cost of living”, and basic necessities of life; 3) demonstrate personal responsibility for learning and self-management; and to think critically, creatively, analyze task, and solve problems.

There were optional financial literacy workshops for the parents to attend as well. These workshops included the following: estate planning; college and retirement savings/investing; better money habits – credit; and life insurance solutions.

This event was coordinated by Brothers Ronnie Walker and Anthony Turner, and has proven to be a life changing experience and gave the students the tools that will help them prepare for a successful life in the future.

(see photographs below)